Research data supporting "Impact on alcohol selection and online purchasing of changing the proportion of available non-alcoholic versus alcoholic drinks: A randomised controlled trial"

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Clarke, Natasha 
Blackwell, Anna 
Ferrar, Jennifer 
De-Loyde, Katie 
Pilling, Mark 

A between-subjects randomised controlled trial, in online purchasing context. Participants were adults (n=737) over the age of 18, who regularly purchased alcohol online. Participants were randomised to one of three groups varying in the proportions of alcoholic vs. Non-alcoholic drinks i. ‘25% non-alcoholic/75% alcoholic’; ii. ‘50% non-alcoholic/50% alcoholic’; iii. ‘75% non-alcoholic/25% alcoholic’ Participants completed a shopping task, they selected drinks in a simulated online supermarket, before purchasing them in an actual online supermarket The primary outcome was the number of alcohol units selected (with intention to purchase); secondary outcomes included actual purchasing. A readme.txt file has been included.

Software / Usage instructions
The data dictionary defines the contents of the data comprehensively. Data and data dictionary files can be opened in Excel. Syntax files can be opened as text files, but are only usable in SPSS. Currently (Feb 2023) SPSS software can be downloaded for free by staff and students at the University of Cambridge here (you must be signed in): For anyone outside of the University of Cambridge SPSS software can be downloaded here:
alcohol, availability, purchasing
Wellcome Trust (206853/Z/17/Z)
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