Stukeley Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire: A Desktop Assessment

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Alexander, Mary 

This desk top study was commissioned by Beazer Homes, as a preliminary stage of a proposed development to construct 12 dwellings and ancillary works at land adjacent to 41, Stukeley Road, Huntingdon (TL2372). The site occupies an area of about one hectare situated on the west side of Stukeley Road, opposite the Huntingdon Business Centre, and approximately 100m. to the south of the roundabout with Wertheim Way. The area has been used for allotments and surrounds a small row of houses fronting onto the Stukeley Road. This desk top assessment will bring together all the currently available information concerning the known and the potential archaeological remains in the immediate area, with a view to predicting the nature, extent and state of preservation of archaeological features within the development zone. The impact of the proposed scheme on the archaeology will be assessed, and this information will contribute in the formulation of any development plans.

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