Archaeological Investigation at Must Farm, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. The Phase 2 Extraction Area.

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Tabor, Jonathon 

An archaeological excavation was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) in advance of sand, gravel and Oxford Clay extraction at Hanson's Must Farm Quarry, to the south-west of Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (centred on TL 233 969). This report details the results of strip, map and record investigations in the Must Farm Phase II Extraction Area where multi-period prehistoric remains ranging in date from the Early Neolithic to the Beaker period were exposed. Soil stripping exposed a preserved prehistoric land surface with an intact buried soil horizon from which a significant assemblage of surface finds was collected. Archaeological features recorded comprised a probable Early Neolithic metalled surface with two associated pits at -2.5m OD, a linear swathe of Late Neolithic pits, a burnt mound and two preserved wooden stake alignments provisionally dated to the Early Bronze Age period at -1m OD. As part of an on-going programme of archaeological fieldwork the results of Phase II Extraction Area excavations have the potential to add to our understanding of the prehistoric landscape of the Flag Fen basin.

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