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Roth, George Kingsley 

Recording of musical instruments and songs: hand clapping, stamping tubes, gongs and songs, 15 min 21 seconds.

  1. Hand clapping / hand clapping with bamboo stamping tubes / Wooden dance gong / Song sang with all these accompaniments. Rakiraki, Kadavu, October 1955. Arranged recording. [0.00 - 4.38]
  2. Wooden dance gong (lalinimeke) being beaten along / Being beaten with accompaniment of hand clapping / 2 songs with an orchestra of gong and handclapping. Rakiraki, Kadavu, October 1955. [4.40 - 11.00]
  3. Notes of 5 stamping tubes, sounded first separately, then all together. Lutu, Naitasiri, January 1956. [11.00 - 12.54]
  4. Notes of 7 stamping tubes, sounded first separately, then all together. Serua, September 1956. [12.57 - 15.21] Fijian music, songs and dances, recorded by George Kingsley Roth in Fiji in the 1950s. Most of the material is original and was recorded in the field or at the studio of the Fiji Broadcasting Commission Suva. Some tracks are copies of recordings made by the Fiji Broadcasting Commission or the BBC.


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