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Research Data: Membrane Adhesion through Bridging by Multimeric Ligands

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Amjad, OA 
Mognetti, BM 
Di Michele, Lorenzo  ORCID logo


File formatt is .tiff, with each .tiff file representing a single frame of video or slice of stack. Individual vesicles are organised into .zip files corresponding to their SA/DNA concentration ratios and experiment type: Z-Stack, Flickering or FRAP. In the Z-stacks .zip files, two channels were recorded, using a 488nm and 633nm laser respectively. For each vesicle folder, there is a separate subfolder for each of these channels channel. Each frame of the Z-stacks represents a 0.1um slice. In Flickering videos, each .tiff file is a frame of a 1000 frame video, with a framerate of 97ms/frame, taken at the equator of the vesicle. In FRAP experiments, each vesicle subfolder contains subfolders at different frame rates. These are: StagePre (10fps), StagePost1 (10fps), StagePost2 (0.5fps) and StagePost3 (0.1fps). These correspond to stages of the pre- and post-bleaching process.


Software / Usage instructions

Matlab, ImageJ


Lipid Membranes, Membrane Adhesion, Multivalent Interactions, Biotin-Streptavidin, Biosensing


EPSRC (1503634)
EPSRC (via Imperial College London) (CHIS_P39012)
Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2015-494)
Isaac Newton Trust (MIN 1508(S))