Preparation of Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Mortar by Manufactured Limestone Sand Using Compound Defoaming Agents for Improved Strength and Impermeability

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Cao, Chunpeng 
Li, Xincheng 
Qian, Jueshi 
You, Chao 

jats:pMagnesium ammonium phosphate cement (MAPC) mortar has recently risen up as high performance rapid repair material for concrete structures. But high costs of the raw materials limit its restoration and maintenance projects on a wide application range. This study proposes the use of manufactured limestone sand with lower cost and wider range of sources in replacement of quartz sand as fine aggregates to produce MAPC mortar. However, the limestone fines of manufactured sand were initially found to have negative effects on the performance of MAPC mortar, causing significant blistering and volume expansion and decreased compressive strength and interfacial bonding strength. To minimize these negative effects, polyether modified silicone (PMS) defoamer and its compound use with mineral admixtures Portland cement and silica fume were investigated on the effectiveness in reducing expansion and improving other properties of MAPC mortar. Results showed that the compound use of PMS defoamer and Portland cement as a new defoaming formula effectively reduced the volume expansion from 7.92% to 0.91%. The compressive strength and interfacial bonding strength were significantly improved by over 34% and 60% respectively. Moreover, this defoaming formula showed improvements in water-tight performance and resistance to chloride penetration. According to the mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) analysis, the total porosity of MAPC mortar after defoaming treatment was decreased by about 40% and the pore structure was also modified to be finer by significantly reducing the harmful macropores. Overall, the use of manufactured limestone sands as fine aggregates turned out to be a feasible and economic approach for promoting the filed application of MAPC mortar.</jats:p>

4005 Civil Engineering, 40 Engineering, 33 Built Environment and Design, 3302 Building
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Yunnan Province Science and Technology Projects (202004AR040017)