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Genesis-DB: a database for autonomous laboratory systems

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Gower, Alexander H 
Kronström, Filip 
Halle, Rushikesh 
Mahamuni, Vinay 


Summary: Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven laboratory automation—combining robotic labware and autonomous software agents—is a powerful trend in modern biology. We developed Genesis-DB, a database system designed to support AI-driven autonomous laboratories by providing software agents access to large quantities of structured domain information. In addition, we present a new ontology for modeling data and metadata from autonomously performed yeast microchemostat cultivations in the framework of the Genesis robot scientist system. We show an example of how Genesis-DB enables the research life cycle by modeling yeast gene regulation, guiding future hypotheses generation and design of experiments. Genesis-DB supports AI-driven discovery through automated reasoning and its design is portable, generic, and easily extensible to other AI-driven molecular biology laboratory data and beyond. Availability and implementation: Genesis-DB code and installation instructions are available at the GitHub repository The database use case demo code and data are also available through GitHub ( The ontology can be downloaded here: The ontology term descriptions (including mappings to existing ontologies) and maintenance standard operating procedures can be found at:


Acknowledgements: The authors gratefully acknowledge the members of the Ross King Group at Chalmers University for their thoughtful insights and discussions. They would also like to thank the members of the ThoughtWorks Engineering for Research Organization for their efforts and support.

Funder: Chalmers AI Research Centre


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