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Magnon Confinement in an All-on-Chip YIG Cavity Resonator Using Hybrid YIG/Py Magnon Barriers

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paragon-plus: 6684094 
van Wees, Bart J.; paragon-plus: 932559 


Confining magnons in cavities can introduce new functionalities to magnonic devices, enabling future magnonic structures to emulate the established photonic and electronic components. As a proof-of-concept, we report magnon confinement in a lithographically defined all-on-chip YIG cavity created between two YIG/Permalloy bilayers. We take advantage of the modified magnetic properties of the covered/uncovered YIG film to define on-chip distinct regions with boundaries capable of confining magnons. We confirm this by measuring multiple spin-pumping voltage peaks in a 400 nm wide platinum strip placed along the center of the cavity. These peaks coincide with multiple spin-wave resonance modes calculated for a YIG slab with the corresponding geometry. The fabrication of micrometer-sized YIG cavities following this technique represents a new approach to control coherent magnons, while the spin-pumping voltage in a nanometer-sized Pt strip demonstrates to be a noninvasive local detector of the magnon resonance intensity.


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On-chip cavity magnonics, Magnonics, Spin waves, Spin pumping, YIG resonators

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