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Dordzhi Nandyshev, about whip varieties

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Dordzhi talks about whip varieties: The malya whip has a piece of lead attached to its end, which makes it a dangerous weapon. Warriors used this whip in the past. The tashmyg whip is made from two straps of leather and is used to whip horses.  The eldeng whip has a short handle and a long leather strap. You can see one in the museum of KIGIRAN. It is difficult to use this whip, because it dangles and is uncontrollable. People who loiter around or are constantly on the move are referred to as ‘eldeng’. I tried to make this whip, but so far have been unsuccessful. The tovortsog whip is mentioned in the epos Jangar. I do not know what it looks like.




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