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Greater Peterborough Health Investment Plans: EIA of Main Acute Hospital and Mental Health Unit: Specialist Report: Report No. 1 Archaeology.



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Dickens, Alison 


This report was commissioned by Multiplex Limited to better define the archaeological potential of land at the Edith Cavell Hospital site, Peterborough. Located to the west of Peterborough the Proposed Development Area (PDA) is bounded by the Soke Parkway (A47) to the west and by the suburbs of Westwood and Ravensthorpe to the south, east and north. The area extends over approximately 17 hectares (ha), centred on TF167000. The aim of the assessment was to examine the probability of archaeological remains occurring within the PDA by studying different sources of information detailing known areas or finds of archaeological interest and thus assess the likely impact of development. The study sets the findings in the context of both the relevant legislation (local and national) as well as the broader archaeological context, and proposes a broad scheme of mitigation.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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