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Evdokia Erdnieva, about life before exile

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Evdokia reminisces about life in her village before exile: Beds had four pillows each. Old men slept on wooden beds covered with a shirdyk (mattress made from felt). Beds of newlyweds were closed with a curtain. Carpets and clothes were kept inside chests. People did not have cupboard or cabinets. My paternal grandfather was a builder, and my maternal grandfather was a fisherman. People kept livestock and went fishing. We only did not eat the ‘vobla’ fish, which we dried and sold for money. Kalmyks went fishing in brigades each consisting of about 5 guys and an old man who had experience in fishing. Fishermen handed over their catch to the state, but also left some for food. We made fish soup, boiled potatoes, and bought bread from the bakery. At home we made bortsg biscuits and fried dough.



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