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Evaluating blended learning: Bringing the elements together

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Bowyer, Jess 
Chambers, Lucy 


This article provides a brief introduction to blended learning, its benefits and factors to consider when implementing a blended learning programme. It then concentrates on how to evaluate a blended learning programme and describes a number of published evaluation frameworks. There are numerous frameworks and instruments for evaluating blended learning, although no particular one seems to be favoured in the literature. This is partly due to the diversity of reasons for evaluating blended learning systems, as well as the many intended audiences and perspectives for these evaluations. The article concludes by introducing a new framework which brings together many of the constructs from existing frameworks whilst adding new elements. It is aim is to encompass all aspects of the blended learning situation to permit researchers and evaluators to easily identify the relationships between the different elements whilst still enabling focussed and situated evaluation.



Evaluation of assessment

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Research Matters

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Research Division, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

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