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Construction of the Archaeological Inventory of the Sites with Rock Art of the Vides River.

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Guerrero-Gonzalez, Sara-Valentina 


This research is an inventory of six rock art sites and the state of their conservation in the Vides River basin in the Amazon region of Colombia. It also discusses the social and economic relationships that the local inhabitants have with these rock art sites. This paper draws theoretical and methodological support from the feminist, decolonial and heart-centred approaches in archaeology. Additionally, the research is complemented by the methodologies of the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH). Finally, a series of reflections are made on the potential of archaeological heritage to construct community social relations



Public Archaeology, Latin American Archaeology, Feminist Archaeology, Archaeology and Politics, Decolonial Archaeology

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Archaeology and the Publics

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I am deeply grateful to the communities of Sata Teresa and Sinaí for all their support and generosity in the research, and to the tourism initiatives Una Huella en Piedra and Selva Vides for their support and work.