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Preclinical evaluation of the versius surgical system, a new robot-assisted surgical device for use in minimal access general and colorectal procedures.

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Morton, Jonathan 
Hardwick, Richard H 
Tilney, Henry S 
Gudgeon, A Mark 
Jah, Asif 


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the utility of a new robot-assisted surgical system (the Versius Surgical System, CMR Surgical, Cambridge, UK) for use in minimal access general and colorectal surgery, in a preclinical setting. Robot-assisted laparoscopy has been developed to overcome some of the important limitations of conventional laparoscopy. The new system is designed to assist surgeons in performing minimal access surgery and overcome some of the challenges associated with currently available surgical robots. METHODS: Cadaveric sessions were conducted to evaluate the ability of the system to provide adequate surgical access and reach required to complete a range of general and colorectal procedures. Port and bedside unit positions were recorded, and surgical access and reach were evaluated by the lead surgeon using a visual analogue scale. A live animal (porcine) model was used to assess the surgical device's safety in performing cholecystectomy or small bowel enterotomy. RESULTS: Nine types of procedure were performed in cadavers by nine lead surgeons; 35/38 procedures were completed successfully. The positioning of ports and bedside units reflected the lead surgeons' preferred laparoscopic set-up and enabled good surgical access and reach. Cholecystectomy (n = 6) and small bowel enterotomy (n = 5) procedures performed in pigs were all completed successfully by two surgeons. There were no device-related intra-operative complications. CONCLUSIONS: This preclinical study of a new robot-assisted surgical system for minimal access general and colorectal surgery demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the system in cadaver and porcine models. Further studies are required to assess its clinical utility.


Funder: CMR Surgical


Colorectal surgery, General surgery, Minimally invasive surgical procedures, Robotic surgical procedures, Animals, Cadaver, Cholecystectomy, Colorectal Neoplasms, Colorectal Surgery, Female, Humans, Laparoscopy, Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures, Robotic Surgical Procedures, Surgeons, Swine

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Surg Endosc

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