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Archaeological Monitoring of Construction Works at Homerton College, Cambridge

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White, Lee 


This report details the archaeological monitoring carried out at Homerton College, Cambridge between July 28-29 1997 by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit on behalf of AMEC Construction Ltd. in advance of the construction of a student residence (Phase IIB). The work was conducted by the author. An Archaeological Brief was issued by the County Archaeology Office (CAO) to fulfil the planning condition imposed on the development. The site lies within the grounds of Homerton College just to the west of Hills Road, centred at TL 4815 5420. Previous archaeological work on the College grounds at TL 460562, and the abundant prehistoric activity in the vicinity indicated the likelihood of archaeological activity on this area of the River Cam terrace gravels. No archaeology was visible in either the trench bases or their sections. Dumps of 19th-20th Century bricks were visible in the upper 0.85m in section. The inclusion of wood, roots, coal and slate within these matrices indicated that they were recent, probably as a result of levelling prior to construction. A few (2) flint flakes were collected from the surface of the site, but again these likely result from the importation of backfill and are purely fortuitous. The foundation trenches have now been filled with concrete.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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