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Dimers of the platelet collagen receptor glycoprotein VI bind specifically to fibrin fibers during clot formation, but not to intact fibrinogen

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Moroi, Masaaki 
Induruwa, Isuru 
Farndale, Richard W. 


Abstract: Objective: The platelet collagen receptor glycoprotein VI (GPVI) has an independent role as a receptor for fibrin produced via the coagulation cascade. However, various reports of GPVI binding to immobilized fibrin(ogen) are not consistent. As a collagen receptor, GPVI‐dimer is the functional form, but whether GPVI dimers or monomers bind to fibrin remains controversial. To resolve this, we analyzed GPVI binding to nascent fibrin clots, which more closely approximate physiological conditions. Methods and results: ELISA using biotinyl‐fibrinogen immobilized on streptavidin‐coated wells indicated that GPVI dimers do not bind intact fibrinogen. Clots were formed by adding thrombin to a mixture of near‐plasma level of fibrinogen and recombinant GPVI ectodomain: GPVI dimer (GPVI‐Fc2 or Revacept) or monomer (GPVI‐His: single chain of Revacept GPVI domain, with His tag). Clot‐bound proteins were analyzed by SDS‐PAGE/immunoblotting. GPVI‐dimer bound to noncrosslinked fibrin clots with classical one‐site binding kinetics, with µM‐level KD, and to crosslinked clots with higher affinity. Anti‐GPVI‐dimer (mFab‐F) inhibited the binding. However, GPVI‐His binding to either type of clot was nonsaturable and nearly linear, indicating very low affinity or nonspecific binding. In clots formed in the presence of platelets, clot‐bound platelet‐derived proteins were integrin αIIbβ3, present at high levels, and GPVI. Conclusions: We conclude that dimeric GPVI is the receptor for fibrin, exhibiting a similar KD to those obtained for its binding to fibrinogen D‐fragment and D‐dimer, suggesting that fibrin(ogen)'s GPVI‐binding site becomes exposed after fibrin formation or cleavage to fragment D. Analysis of platelets bound to fibrin clots indicates that platelet GPVI binds to fibrin fibers comprising the clot.



ORIGINAL ARTICLE, ORIGINAL ARTICLES, collagen, fibrin clot, glycoprotein VI, platelets, thrombosis

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Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

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British Heart Foundation ((PG/18/36/33811))