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A Space Odyssey: A workshop on coping with change, and planning for the future

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Milton, Jo 


Objective: This workshop is intended to facilitate discussion of, and planning for, significant changes to library services. Participants in this workshop will identify core services in their own libraries, adapt service design to enable the continued delivery of services, and determine the most effective ways to communicate changed methods of service delivery to users and measure the impact of the changes. Methods / Description: How well prepared is your library to cope with change? How would you adapt in order to maintain a high level of service during challenging circumstances, and how would you communicate any changes to users? How would you both measure the impact of those changes and continue to demonstrate the impact of your library service? This interactive workshop is aimed at both library managers and frontline staff interested in planning to cope with change. The workshop will consist of hands-on activities and discussions, as well as opportunities for participants to share their experiences of adapting to difficult circumstances, and learn about innovative and creative solutions undertaken by colleagues working in a variety of countries and sectors to continue inspiring, involving and informing in the face of challenges. Results: Workshop attendees will: • gain confidence in dealing with change in innovative ways • learn new communication strategies • develop techniques to measure and demonstrate the impact of the library and maintain the visibility of their service in the face of change • determine methods to plan and prepare for future challenges



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