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Island Chiloé View at Point Punta Arenas

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A coastal settlement and landscape, and a human figure with [fire?]wood.


"RF" FitzRoy [bottom right corner]

Drawing. The sky contains a vague indication of cumulus clouds in the centre left and centre right, with cirrus between; the sun is shining from behind and somewhat to the right of Martens' vantage point. Rolling verdant hillsides occupy the whole background. They are obscured on the left by trees growing densely in the midground, of uneven height and shown in leaf, thus evergreen given the midwinter date of the picture; sunlight falls onto some of their trunks, forming a kind of arcade. Below and in front of these are smaller dense shrubs and trees, to the right of which there is a line of sight to a small patch of open water. Rough fencing approximately 2m in height runs in front of the water and then along a rising ridge line rightwards to a timber and thatch building, whose walls are faced with upright wooden boarding. A door is indicated on its left-facing aspect; the roof on the main aspect, which faces the viewer, reaches almost to the ground, the overhang being supported on thin wooden uprights. To the right of the building in the distant midground a patch of open water is visible behind a small stretch of rough fencing. The building stands on slightly uneven cleared ground dotted with stumps of felled trees. In the right foreground, there is a large such stump with scraps of regrowth at the base. Towards the midground, on the left at the right-hand edge of the area of bushes, stands the broken-off remnant of a taller slender tree trunk, the broken portion lying to its left. In the centre, on a slight ridge covered with grass tufts, a human figure recedes from the viewer, carrying what are probably sticks of firewood over the left shoulder.


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