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Gal Tyalgn at the Orgakin Temple

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Seleeva, Tsagan 
Okonov, Andzhur 


This video begins with the abbot of the Orgakin Temple, Batyr Elistaev, reading prayers inside his temple. Afterwards, Batyr tells the laity about the ‘month of gal tyalgn’ when these kind of rituals are performed. Gal tyalgn are rituals to worship Tsagan Aav and clan ancestors.In this video Batyr first invites the deity Ochirvani, who is the keeper of the teachings of Buddha and protector of all Mongol groups. Ochirvani is also regarded as protector of the Orgakin Temple. Then Batyr invites Tsagan Aav which is an important shamanic deity. Afterwards, everyone goes outside for the next part of the ritual. The people make a fire with dried dung and wood and light candles. When Batyr reads mantras, the laity sits around the fire and throws offerings, including incenses, dairy products and sheep’s fat, into the flames. Then all participants stand up, hold each other by their hands, utter khuree and jump up with their hands stretched upwards. Then all move around the fire three times clockwise, reading the mantra om mani padme khum. The ritual concludes with a short prayer read by Batyr inside the temple.



rituals, Orgakin, gal tyalgn, Tsagan Aav, ancestors, mantra

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