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A diamond nanophotonic interface with an optically accessible deterministic electronuclear spin register

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Arjona Martínez, J  ORCID logo
Chen, KC 
Stramma, AM 
Harris, IB 


jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pA contemporary challenge for the scalability of quantum networks is developing quantum nodes with simultaneous high photonic efficiency and long-lived qubits. Here we present a fibre-packaged nanophotonic diamond waveguide hosting a tin-vacancy centre with a spin-1/2 jats:sup117</jats:sup>Sn nucleus. The interaction between the electronic and nuclear spins results in a signature 452(7) MHz hyperfine splitting. This exceeds the natural optical linewidth by a factor of 16, enabling direct optical nuclear spin initialization with 98.6(3)% fidelity and single-shot readout with 80.0(1)% fidelity. The waveguide-to-fibre extraction efficiency of our device of 57(6)% enables the practical detection of five-photon events. Combining the photonic performance with the optically initialized nuclear spin, we demonstrate a spin-gated single-photon nonlinearity with 11(1)% contrast in the absence of an external magnetic field. These capabilities position our nanophotonic interface as a versatile quantum node in the pursuit of scalable quantum networks.</jats:p>


Acknowledgements: We would like to thank M. Tribble for fruitful discussions. We acknowledge support from the ERC Advanced Grant PEDESTAL (884745), the EU Quantum Flagship 2D-SIPC. J.A.M. acknowledges support from the Winton Programme and EPSRC DTP; R.A.P., from the General Sir John Monash Foundation; K.C.C., from the MITRE program; C.P.M., from the EPSRC DTP; A.M.S., from EPSRC/NQIT; and M.E.T., from the Army Research Laboratory ENIAC Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship. D.E. acknowledges further support by the MITRE Quantum Moonshot Program.


5108 Quantum Physics, 51 Physical Sciences

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Nature Photonics

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