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Tourism in polar environments - with special reference to Greenland and Antarctica

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Christensen, Torben Røjle 


This thesis is concerned with the impact and the management of tourism in polar environments. A perspective is given on the environmental hazards that may arise from tourist activities in polar regions, through documented examples from the impact on alpine and similar environments in other parts of the world. General management theories for controlling such impact are described and adapted for polar regions. The thes is then describes the current state of tourism and assesses its environmental impact in Greenland and Antarctica and its likely future development there. Finally the present s ta·tus of environmental management as practised in the two studied areas is evaluated. It is concluded that the level of 'tourism and its present environmental impact in Greenland and Antarctica remain minor. Hoivever, the concentration of increasing numbers of visitors is inevitable, and calls for attention to the general management procedures described. Tourism can develop in harmony with tlie natural environment if the suggested measures for management are applied. In Green] and an advisory forum for the development of tourism has been established but unfortunately this seems, so far, only concerned with marketing. At present Antarctica's most urgent need is a convention on tourism that considers management theories and a board with competence to enforce conditions for entry to the area covered by the Antarctic Treaty.






Master of Philosophy (Mphil)

Awarding Institution

University of Cambridge
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