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Linderism at Home

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Tobin, Amy 


While Kettle’s Yard was temporarily closed, Tobin created this collection of resources relating to the Linderism exhibition, that could be explored at home. These included documentation of public programme activity that had taken place as well as remote adaptations of events that could not happen due to the pandemic. It also included some new content, including a text written by Tobin on Linder's performance 'Bower of Bliss' commissioned by Kettle's Yard with the New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College. The guided tour of the exhibition, with Tobin garnered over 5,000 views. The resource continued to develop after the exhibition reopened in Autumn 2020, including an editing transcript of a discussion on Linder's work in relation to Classic texts and myth following a remote discussion event with Prof Katherine Harlowe, Linder, Tobin and Alina Khakoo. Tobin curated this digital platform and edited the materials. She also contributed to the equivalent page produced by the Hatton Gallery.



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