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Ai Khanoum and Taxila Comparative Database

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Nikolaou, Christos 


This dataset contains all artefacts in Ai Khanoum and Sirkap Mound of Taxila that I have deemed to be of religious affiliation or with religious imagery. I have also added information on material, provenance, chronology and other information. I also provide an architectural database with important buildings and blocks with information such as size, material, function etc. I have collected the entries from relevant bibliography and have added the information into discernible categories for data analysis. There are multiple description categories which allow for statistical analysis as well as coordinates which allow for mapping the information on the sites to make distribution maps. Information like material, provenance, chronology etc for both items and buildings allows for making correlations and heatmaps for the sites and the artefacts on the database. There is also information on possible mythological interpretations for the artefacts and possible functions for the buildings described. These help connect quantitative and qualitative analysis by ground interpretations to artefact frequency.


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Religion, Hybridity, Urbanism, Greece, India, Iran


German Archaeological Institute

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2023-07-24 09:05:25
This new record provides a README file for navigating the databases, as well as a complete list of literature consulted for the database’s construction.
2023-03-23 08:48:03
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