A database of refractive indices and dielectric constants auto-generated using ChemDataExtractor.

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The ability to auto-generate databases of optical properties holds great potential for advancing optical research, especially with regards to the data-driven discovery of optical materials. An optical property database of refractive indices and dielectric constants is presented, which comprises a total of 49,076 refractive index and 60,804 dielectric constant data records on 11,054 unique chemicals. The database was auto-generated using the state-of-the-art natural language processing software, ChemDataExtractor, using a corpus of 388,461 scientific papers. The data repository offers a representative overview of the information on linear optical properties that resides in scientific papers from the past 30 years. Public availability of these data will enable a quick search for the optical property of certain materials. The large size of this repository will accelerate data-driven research on the design and prediction of optical materials and their properties. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first auto-generated database of optical properties from a large number of scientific papers. We provide a web interface to aid the use of our database.

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