The Mongghul Bog Ritual

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This collection contains 12 videos showing various aspects of Mongghul culture in northeast Qinghai Province. The videos depict various folk practices, including song, folktales, and village rituals.


The Bog ritual is held during the winter in Mongghul communities in order to delight local territorial deities. In 1998, the village had 760 residents, all of whom were Mongghul. Some said their ancestors were Mongols. The Bog ritual in Suobugou Village is called 'Warishida Bog'. 'Warishida' refers to a place name in the village. The event is also called 'Dige Bog' (Egg Bog) because those who participate bring boiled eggs and knock their boiled eggs against other people's eggs. The cracked egg belongs to the person whose egg did not crack. In 2009, Mongghul still observed this ritual. 在土族地区为了使守护神高兴而在冬天的时候举行博格仪式。 这个村在一九九八年有七百六十个居民,并且全都是土族。有些人说他们的祖先是蒙古族。在索卜沟村博格仪式被称为‘哇日世达博格’。‘哇日世达’是村里的一个地方的名字。这个事件还叫做‘地格博格’(鸡蛋博格),因为那些参加的人带来煮熟的鸡蛋后与其他人碰鸡蛋。被打破了的鸡蛋属于那个打破鸡蛋的人。土族仍然在二零零九年期间举行这个仪式。

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Mongghul (Tu), Huzhu, Qinghai, Tu
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