Aldborough Roman Town Project 2016 Excavations: Survey Data

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Lucas, Jason 
Ferraby, Rose 
Millett, Martin 

Survey data recording the excavations and the reference points for photogrammetric models. The trench was located just north of the Lion mosaic, in order to re-investigate Victorian excavations of a Roman domestic bath suite in the north-west part of Building 4.8. These excavations are listed as G104 in the Gazetteer. The data is available in two forms: text files and shapefiles. The text files are organised into GPS and TST (total station) folders. Within these, the data is organised by date, and can be cross-referenced with the survey notebook that accompanyies the data as a pdf.

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ArcGIS, QGIS, Microsoft Excel, Preview
Aldborough Roman Town Project, Aldborough Roman Town, Isurium Brigantum, Roman Yorkshire, Roman Britain, North Yorkshire, Roman town house, Excavations, Survey
Aldborough Roman Town Project, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge