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Emmanuel College Redevelopment, Cambridge: An Archaeological Desktop Assessment

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Timberlake, Simon 


This study has been commissioned by Emmanuel College in respect of the redevelopment of the area immediately to the east of the current College Library (approx. 0.8 hectare). The Library Project development consists of a Library refurbishment as well as extensions at roof level and also at ground floor level into the garden at the rear. A new basement extension is also planned with a small sunken garden. Externally the ‘court’ between the west side of the building and the South Court will be re-landscaped. The objective of this assessment is to examine the probability of archaeological remains being encountered within the PDA and to assess the potential impact of this development upon any such remains. Many of the buildings are Listed (Grades I and II) and the parkland/garden within and surrounding the vicinity of the development is a Registered park or garden (Grade II*). The study sets the findings in the context of the relevant legislation (national and local) as well as the broader archaeological context and assesses the potential for surviving archaeology within the PDA.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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