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MUGI-MRI: Enhancing Breast Cancer Classification through Multiplex Graph Neural Networks in DCE-MRI

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Ceccarelli, Francesco 
Holden, Sean B 
Liò, Pietro 


Abstract—Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) involves acquiring a sequence of MRIs during the administration of a contrast agent. Radiologists then aim to discern the contrast uptake differences between malignant and benign lesions for tumor classification. Regrettably, existing literature underutilizes the temporal structure inherent to DCE- MRI time series, leading to tumor classifications based on individual instants rather than entire sequences. This research introduces two Graph Neural Network (GNN)-based methods designed to aggregate information from multiple instants within the DCE-MRI sequence. Each lesion undergoes manual segmen- tation, and radiomic features are individually extracted from each time instant of the DCE-MRI sequence. Two graph construction methodologies are proposed: (i) a fully connected graph topology, aiming to represent each temporal instant as a node in a graph; (ii) a multiplex network, named MUGI-MRI (MUltiplex Graph neural network for Integration of MRI), where each layer identifies an instant of the DCE-MRI sequence. MUGI-MRI achieves an AUROC of 0.8017 ± 0.1146, showcasing promising performance in lesion classification. In addition to improving upon current state-of-the-art, the integration capability of MUGI- MRI addresses the problem of imbalance between sensitivity and specificity, which affects numerous studies in the realm of DCE-MRI. Our findings strongly indicate that the aggregation of information across all time instants is pivotal for enhancing the diagnostic process, and vastly superior to a simplistic instant- wise analysis. While applied to MRI sequences, our approach can be extended to general problems of multimodal data integration.



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The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)

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