Huzhu Mongghul Collection Seven

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This collection contains 12 videos showing various aspects of Mongghul culture in northeast Qinghai Province. The videos depict various folk practices, including song, folktales, and village rituals.


This video contains footage of two Mongghul folktales. The first folktale is about two brothers doing business. One brother is kind and the other cruel. At last the kind brother earned much money through the others' help, but the cruel one earned nothing. The second story is about a son who treated his mother badly when she was living, but after his mother’s death he felt regret. 在这个录像里包含了两个土族的民间故事。第一个民间故事是关于两个兄弟做生意,一个善良而另一个比较坏,最后善良的通过别人的帮助赚了很多的钱,但坏一点的兄弟什么都没赚到。第二个故事时机当母亲在世的时候关于儿子折磨母亲, 但他的母亲过世以后他感到很后悔。

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Mongghul (Tu), Huzhu, Qinghai, Tu
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