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Oleg Kalykov, about Badma Bovaev

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Oleg talks about the lama Badma Bovaev: Badma Bovaev served in several temples, including the Baga-Chonos temple, the Cheerya Khurul, and the Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg. His family lived in Kalmykia where he was born. He was sent to a temple when he was 6. One day a Buryat lama called Agvan Dorzhiev came to the temple, took two young monks, including Badma Bovaev, to the top of a hill and asked what they saw, pointing in the direction of Tibet. Badma Bovaev described in detail Tibetan mountains and monasteries. Agvan Dorzhiev sent him to study at the monastery of Drepung Gomang in Tibet. After many years Badma Bovaev returned to Kalmykia, having earned the degree of Lkharamba. Upon arrival, he told his parents to move from where they lived, saying that their place was inhabited by a furious god who was constrained only because two other gods were holding him back. There is a well in that place named after Badma Bovaev.



Badma Bovaev, monk

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