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Towards an SDN network control application for differentiated traffic routing

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Adami, D 
Garroppo, RG 
Giordano, S 
Moore, AW 


In the last years, Software Defined Networking has emerged as a promising paradigm to foster network innovation and address the issues coming from the ossification of the TCP/IP architecture. The clean separation between control and data plane, the definition of northbound and southbound interfaces are key features of the Software Defined Networking paradigm. Moreover, a centralised control plane allows network operators to deploy advanced control and management strategies. Effective traffic engineering and resources management policies allow to achieve a better utilisation of network resources and improve endto- end service performance. This paper deals with the architectural design and experimental validation of a control application that enables differentiated routing for traffic flows belonging to different service classes. The new control application makes routing decisions leveraging on OpenFlow network statistics, i.e., taking advantage of real-time network status information. Moreover, a Deep Packet Inspection module has been developed and integrated in the control application to detect VoIP traffic with Session Initiation Protocol signalling, enforcing this way policies for a differentiated treatment of VoIP traffic. Finally, a functional validation is performed in emulated environment.



SDN, VoIP, Differentiated Routing, QoS, SIP

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IEEE International Conference on Communications

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2015 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing for Communications (ICC)

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This work was supported by the EPSRC INTERNET Project EP/H040536/1.