Evgeniy Dzhokhaev, Leonid Ochir-Goryaev, About Horses

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In this interview Evgeniy and Leonid share stories of their experience with horses. Evgeniy: Horses that graze by themselves almost never fall sick, although they may sometimes damage their legs. Horses are afraid of thunder. During battles Kalmyks regarded their horses as their friends, since their lives depended on them. During times of peace horses were seen as assistants. In the past, Kalmyk children learnt to ride a horse at 3. At the age of 1 children received a horse as a present. In this way, children and horses grew up together. Today even in the farms people use horses less often. Leonid: Horses can understand the intonation of human speech. They are very smart. Evgeniy: Livestock that grazes by itself differs from those kept in barns. The latter are stupid. If you treat livestock well and graze them carefully, they multiply quickly. It is not good to keep cows in barns, because they become prone to diseases. Usually it is milking cows that are kept indoors. They eat a lot of fodder. Evgeniy says that he only keeps calves in barns. The best food for Kalmyk livestock is wild grass and cane. He also points out the importance of selection work among animals.

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