Endangered Alphabets

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Brookes, Tim 

The Endangered Alphabets Project is a series of carvings, a book and a continuing blog, all of which address the fact that the world has fewer than 100 writing systems and roughly a third of them are endangered—no longer taught in schools, no longer used for commerce or government, understood only by a few elders, restricted to a few monasteries or used only in ceremonial documents, magic spells, or secret love letters. For Charting Vanishing Voices, Tim Brookes will display a dozen carvings, each of which displays the word ‘words’ in an endangered writing system.


This presentation was given at the World Oral Literature Project 2012 workshop Charting Vanishing Voices: A Collaborative Workshop to Map Endangered Oral Cultures.

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Alphabets, Script, Endangered, Carving
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