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Ivan Tserenov, about Iki-Chonos and my ancestors

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Ivan talks about his ancestors and parents: Iki-Chonos consist of 7 arvans, including Khasgud, Adgud, Buudgshnr, Mu-Abgnr, Syan-Abgnr, Yangud and Khaanud. Khasgud in turn consist of about 4 sub-groups, including Balyugakhin. The ancestor of this sub-group was a man called Balyuga. He had a son Ovsh, who had a son Syantsag, who had a son Khudug, who had a son Tseren, who had a son Lidzhi. Lidzhi has three sons, including Ivan himself and his brothers, Aduchi and Sangadzhi. Ivan’s father Lidzhi is from the village of Bor-Nur. Ivan did not meet his grandparents though. His grandmother died during the deportation of the Kalmyk people to Siberia. Lidhzi got married in Siberia. His wife was originally from the village of Uldyuchin in Kalmykia.



Ancestors, parents, Iki-Chonos

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