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Carbon Nanotube Wearable Sensors for Health Diagnostics

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Rdest, Monika 


This perspective article highlights a recent surge of interest in the application of textiles containing carbon nanotube (CNT) sensors for human health monitoring. Modern life puts more and more pressure on humans, which translates into an increased number of various health disorders. Unfortunately, this effect either decreases the quality of life or shortens it prematurely. A possible solution to this problem is to employ sensors to monitor various body functions and indicate an upcoming disease likelihood at its early stage. A broad spectrum of materials is currently under investigation for this purpose, some of which already entered the market. One of the most promising materials in this field are CNTs. They are flexible and of high electrical conductivity, which can be modulated upon several forms of stimulation. The article begins with an illustration of techniques for how wearable sensors can be built from them. Then, their application potential for tracking various health parameters is presented. Finally, the article ends with a summary of this field’s progress and a vision of the key directions to domesticate this concept.



carbon nanotube wearables, health diagnostics, sensors

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