Ochir Badmaev, About Horse Diseases and Horse Racing

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After a race it happens that sometimes horses fall ill because of heart failure, fractured bones, and other reasons. Modern methods of treating horses include intravenous administration of drugs. Traditional methods include putting horses on their feet and giving them a strong black tea. People also read prayers. Horse diseases are treated today with antibiotics. The main reason why horses limp is when they have muscle contractions. In this case, one needs to apply oil to the muscles in question. Bleeding is also practiced. When a horse runs short of breath, especially during long distance races, its ear is cut open to let blood out. When bleeding stops such horses usually stand up and resume racing. When you see a swelling appear on horse skin, you need to bandaged it with a cloth dipped in salty water. It is also possible to smear the swelling with a red clay and then bandage it. Curing ill horses is not very different from curing people. Horses are loyal beasts. This story occurred in the Soviet times. A Kalmyk horse was sold to Kazakhstan. Three years later it returned by itself accompanied by other horses.

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