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Zinaida Lidzhieva, About Traditional Medicine

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Churyumov, Anton 
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In the past, Kalmyks used boiled water, melted butter, and salted butter as medicine. Zinaida says that, after her family returned to Kalmykia from Siberian exile, her son fell ill with a typhoid fever. She approached an old folk healer who asked her to bring her son’s urine. After examination, the folk healer told her to give the boy a soup made from 100 grams of fatless meat. Then the healer told her to increase the meat to 200 and then 300 grams. After drinking the soup, the boy gradually recovered. Datura grass is good for toothache. It is used as follows. A folk healer reads prayers and then smokes the patient with the grass. The same method is used for a cold or angina. When Zinaida was young, her ears secreted pus. Her mother used all sorts of remedies that she learnt from folk healers, including putting a hare’s tail on the inflamed ears, inserting cotton pads into the ears, and filling the ears with yoghurt. Nothing helped. Then Zinaida’s mother cut fresh beef into long thin slices and inserted it into Zinaida’s ears. She heard about this method from her friends. Although Zinaida recovered, one of her ears remained permanently damaged. Whenever water gets into it, the ear inflames. Also, she has headaches when exposed to noise. Zinaida talks about how to heal a stye in the eye, a stomach ache, and a cough.



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