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Your career needs a little luck. Here's how to cultivate it

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Laker, B 


Most of us start out with a very specific vision of ourselves and our careers. Despite that, we struggle to find the jobs we think we want. To overcome this tendency, trust serendipity. Instead of trying to fit into some idealized version of your future, let yourself be surprised. Keep an open mind. Know that sometimes you can stumble upon job opportunities in the most unexpected places: at a holiday party, during your commute to work, or from your colleagues. To do this, practice “serendipitous networking,” or connecting with others for the sake of getting to know them, their perspectives, and their stories. Approach change from a place of possibility rather than fear. There is always going to be a demand for certain skills in the workplace. Building these skills will increase your chances of catching a lucky break. Finally, serendipity demands that you trust something beyond yourself to tell you what’s right for you. This looks like trusting employers to recognize you for your skills and expertise. Reach out to companies whose work and culture you find appealing. There may be times when a recruiter evaluates your skills and matches you to a role you were not initially interested in but that is a better fit.



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