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Modelling charge transport and electro-optical characteristics of quantum dot light-emitting diodes

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Lee, Tae Hoon 
Han, Soo Deok 
Shin, Dong-Wook 


Abstracts: Quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) are considered as competitive candidate for next-generation displays or lightings. Recent advances in the synthesis of core/shell quantum dots (QDs) and tailoring procedures for achieving their high quantum yield have facilitated the emergence of high-performance QD-LEDs. Meanwhile, the charge-carrier dynamics in QD-LED devices, which constitutes the remaining core research area for further improvement of QD-LEDs, is, however, poorly understood yet. Here, we propose a charge transport model in which the charge-carrier dynamics in QD-LEDs are comprehensively described by computer simulations. The charge-carrier injection is modelled by the carrier-capturing process, while the effect of electric fields at their interfaces is considered. The simulated electro-optical characteristics of QD-LEDs, such as the luminance, current density and external quantum efficiency (EQE) curves with varying voltages, show excellent agreement with experiments. Therefore, our computational method proposed here provides a useful means for designing and optimising high-performance QD-LED devices.



Article, /639/301/1019/1020, /639/624/1020, /639/766/1130, article

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npj Computational Materials

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