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Metamorphic temperature investigation of coexisting calcite and dolomite marble––examples from Nikani Ghar marble and Nowshera Formation, Peshawar Basin, Pakistan

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Fahad, M 
Iqbal, Y 
Riaz, M 
Ubic, R 
Redfern, SAT 


Using marble samples from the Nikani Ghar marble and Nowshera Formation from Northern Pakistan the determination of the temperature of metamorphism was undertaken with the help of calcite-dolomite solvus geothermometer. Two types of marbles, that is, calcite-dolomite marble and quartz-bearing calcite-dolomite marble were selected. Petrographic and scanning electron microscope analysis of dolomite samples indicated different grain sizes. X-ray diffraction technique indicated the calcites MgCO₃ content up to 7.93 mol.%. Nikani Ghar marble samples have shown lower contents of MgCO₃ as compared to samples from Nowshera Formation. The calcite-dolomite-quartz marble has also showed relatively lower MgCO₃ content and hence rather low temperature (~500 °C). The temperature reached during peak metamorphism of the investigated marble occurrence, based on calcitedolomite solvus was 628 °C. Metamorphic temperatures derived from the present study were shown as a linear graph and values were in good agreement with the published literature.



calcite, dolomite, metamorphic temperature, geothermometer, X-ray diffraction

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Journal of Earth Science

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The authors acknowledge the financial support extended by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan and National Academy of Sciences (USA), project ID 131, under the PAK-USA S & T Cooperation Program, Award (No. 0521315). The authors are grateful to the HEC, Pakistan for their support in the form of “International Research Support Initiative Program (IRSIP)” to conduct a part of research at Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, United 996 Muhammad Fahad, Yaseen Iqbal, Mohammad Riaz, Rick Ubic and Simon A. T. Redfern Kingdom. The financial support extended by the Directorate of S & T, KP regarding minerals upgradation is also acknowledged.