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The Camp Ground Excavations, Colne Fen, Earith

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Regan, Roderick 
Evans, Christopher 
Webley, Leo 


Evaluation fieldwork first took place on the site in June 1996 and instigated what has become a continuing and extensive archaeological programme within the larger quarry area. In the late summer of 2001 a nine month-long programme of excavation commenced, the work being carried out by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) on behalf of Hanson Aggregates Ltd. The present quarry area is located on the fen-edge, approximately 1km south-east of Somersham and 1km north-east of Colne. The area of investigation was within two fields lying east and west of the track formerly leading to Colne Fen Farm (centred TL 37757825) and covered an area of 5.14 hectares.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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