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‘Cheese-scapes’: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of the Traditional Production of Halloumi in Cyprus



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Laoutari, Rafael 


Since the introduction of the ‘Secondary Products Revolution’ by Sherratt in 1981, the importance of secondary products in the development of past societies has been discussed in numerous studies. The large-scale focus of these scholarly works overlooks the role of the secondary products in everyday life. Researchers have approached dairy products based on material culture, iconography, faunal remains, texts and recently, through lipids analysis and paleo-genetics. Nevertheless, the practice of using milk for making by-products has rarely been approached in terms of the associated primary activities. Consequently, this paper introduces the concept of ‘cheese-scape’ (the ‘knowledge-scape’ of cheese production) for further developing some of the implications of secondary products in past communities. Using ethnoarchaeology, the ‘cheese-scape’ unfolds in the traditional production of halloumi in Cyprus and provides a framework for the investigation of past societies where dairying was practised.



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Archaeological Review from Cambridge

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Archaeological Review from Cambridge

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