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Grigoriy Kukareka, A Legend About the Single Poplar Tree

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Gedeeva, Darina 
Ubushieva, Bamba 
Shipeeva, Danara 


There is one single poplar tree 20 kilometers west of Elista. The tree is unusual. When you cut its branch, you can see a 5-pointed star shape across the cut. The tree was planted by the lama Purdash who brought its seed from Tibet. The seed was planted in 1846. Near the tree there is a hill from which one can see Elbrus Mountain on a clear day. The distance between the Mountain and the tree is about 240 kilometers. There are many stories related to that tree. According to one story, in the past, not far from the tree lived a woman who came to Kalmykia from the Caucasus as a bride. Whenever she felt homesick, she climbed up the tree to look at where her homeland was. According to one legend, a gigantic snake and an eagle fought over the sacred spring that flows not far from that tree.



legends, poplar tree, mountain, lama, bride, seed

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