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Spatiotemporal distribution of pollutants and impact of local meteorology on source influence on pollutants' level in a traffic air-shed in Lagos megacity, Nigeria.

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Olufemi, Ayodele P 
Fawole, Olusegun G 
Owoade, Oyediran K 
Popoola, Olalekan AM 
Jones, Roderic L 


Pollution from vehicular emissions is a major cause of poor air quality observed in many urban and semi-urban towns and cities. As such, this study was conducted to assess air quality and the spatiotemporal distribution of vehicular and traffic-related pollutants in several air sheds of Lagos megacity, the economic nerve centre of Nigeria. A setup of low-cost air quality sensors comprising five (5) units was deployed between November 2018 and February 2019 within traffic corridors in the heart of the city. Diurnal variation of pollutants indicated that carbon dioxide (CO2) peaked during the early hours of the day, total oxide (Ox = NO2+O3) peaked at mid-day while carbon monoxide (CO) had two distinct peaks which correspond to morning and evening rush hours. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration peaked during evening hours. Average concentrations are NO2 (97.1 ± 9.7) ppb, Ox (78.6 ± 27.2) ppb, CO2 (450.1 ± 31.2) ppm, and CO (2285.63 ± 743.7) ppb. Average concentrations of pollutants were above thresholds set by the World Health Organization (WHO) except for NO2 which was within the range permissible limits. The implication of this is that the atmosphere is polluted due to elevated concentrations of airborne pollutants, an indication which is of both health and environmental concern. The air quality index (AQI) indicates that the quality of ambient air varies from good to very unhealthy for Ox, and unhealthy to very unhealthy for CO, while AQI for PM2.5 and PM10 showed hazardous at all the sampling locations except at UNILAG where it is unhealthy for the sensitive group. For all of the sampling sites, conditional bivariate probability function (CBPF) plots show a significant agreement with the location of known pollution sources.



Air quality, Bivariate polar plot, Low-cost sensors, Meteorological parameters, Vehicular emission, Environmental Pollutants, Nigeria, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Meteorology, Environmental Monitoring, Vehicle Emissions

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Environ Monit Assess

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