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The Equilibrium Tide: An Updated Prescription for Population Synthesis Codes

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We present an updated prescription for the equilibrium tides suitable for population synthesis codes. A grid of 1D evolutionary models was created and the viscous time-scale was calculated for each detailed model. A metallicity dependent power-law relation was fitted to both the convective cores and convective envelopes of the models. The prescription was implemented into the population synthesis code BSE and predicts an 16.5% reduction in the overall number of merges, with those involving main-sequence stars most affected. The new prescription also reduces the overall supernova rate by 3.6% with individual channels being differently affected. The single degenerate Ia supernova occurrence is reduced by 12.8%. The merging of two Carbon Oxygen white dwarfs to cause a Ia supernova occurs 16% less frequently. The number of sub-synchronously rotating stars in close binaries is substantially increased with our prescription, as is the number of non-circularized systems at the start of common-envelope evolution.



astro-ph.SR, astro-ph.SR

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