The Dynamic Integrated Approach to teacher professional development: rationale and main characteristics

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Antoniou, P 
Kyriakides, L 
Creemers, BPM 

This paper refers to the Dynamic Integrated Approach towards teacher professional development which attempts to merge research findings on teacher effectiveness and teacher professional development. The theoretical framework and the major features of the DIA are presented. It is argued that the DIA can be effectively implemented through five steps: Establishing clarity and consensus about aims and objectives, identifying needs and priorities for improvement through empirical investigation, provision of improvement guidelines, reflection opportunities and coaching on effective teaching by the advisory and research team, establishing a formative evaluation mechanism and finally establishing a summative evaluation system. Results of empirical studies providing support to the basic elements and the overall effectiveness of the DIA are also presented. Implications of the findings are discussed and suggestions for further research, particularly in exploring the conditions under which the DIA could have a long lasting effect on teacher effectiveness, are finally drawn.

Dynamic Integrated Approach, teacher professional development, teacher effectiveness, improvement of teaching skills, developmental levels of teaching skills
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Teacher Development
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