Larisa Shoglyaeva, Signs and Omens

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Terbish, Baasanjav 

Larisa talks about Kalmyk signs and omens. Question: Can we talk about signs and omens? Larisa: We, Kalmyks, have many signs and omens. As for men, they are like gods. We should respect our men at home. Food should be first offered to gods and then to men, because men are the foundation of our families. If you respect men, you will get everything. On the street, we give way to men, although they should give way to pregnant women. When I travel on a bus I give a seat to men and stand up myself. Another example. It is a bad omen when a bucket is empty. It is good when it is full of water. I don’t cross a road when someone is carrying an empty bucket. It is a bad omen when children cry in the evening or whistle. The same applies to women. Another bad omen is when someone leaves his/her clothes outside in the evening, because it is when the gates open to other worlds. At night evil spirits fly around. People should not leave their clothes outside.

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