Surviving Fragments of the Qillirian Heritage in Provence/Catalonia and in Spain: In the Wake of New Materials from the Genizah Ha-Moreshet ha-Qillirit be-Provans/Katalonia u-ve-Sfarad שרידי המורשת הקילירית בפרובנס-קטלוניה ובספרד – בעקבותיהם של ממצאים חדשים מן הגניזה

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Rand, Michael 

This article reviews the evidence for the presence of Qillirian piyyut in the Sephardic and Provencal/Catalonian liturgical rites. In the case of the former, this consists of several Genizah fragments copied in Sephardic hands that contain piyyutim by Qallir. On the basis of an analysis of the texts of the piyyutim, the genres that they represent, as well as their liturgical context as documented in the fragments, the author argues that the latter represent an organic liturgical rite of a Sephardic type. For the Provencal/Catalonian rite, the author reviews the evidence provided by a number of known European maḥzorim, and adduces that of several fragments of a Provencal/Catalonian maḥzor newly identified in the Genizah. An analysis of this evidence leads him to suggest that the liturgical rite with which Yehuda ha-Levi was familiar included the Qillirian qedushtot for the Four Special Sabbaths.

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Tarbiz: a quarterly for Jewish studies
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Magnes Press
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