Printable Perovskite Diodes for Broad-Spectrum Multienergy X-Ray Detection.

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Yu, Jae Choul 
Warnakula, Tharindu 
Ayyubi, RAW 
Pollock, James A 

Multienergy X-ray detection is critical to effectively differentiate materials in a variety of diagnostic radiology and nondestructive testing applications. Silicon and selenium X-ray detectors are the most common for multienergy detection; however, these present poor energy discrimination across the broad X-ray spectrum and exhibit limited spatial resolution due to the high thicknesses required for radiation attenuation. Here, an X-ray detector based on solution-processed thin-film metal halide perovskite that overcomes these challenges is introduced. By harnessing an optimized n-i-p diode configuration, operation is achieved across a broad range of soft and hard X-ray energies stemming from 0.1 to 10's of keV. Through detailed experimental and simulation work, it is shown that optimized Cs0.1 FA0.9 PbI3 perovskites effectively attenuate soft and hard X-rays, while also possessing excellent electrical properties to result in X-ray detectors with high sensitivity factors that exceed 5 × 103 µ C   G y Vac - 1   cm - 2 μCGyVac−1cm−2 and 6 × 104 µC Gy-1 cm-2 within soft and hard X-ray regimes, respectively. Harnessing the solution-processable nature of the perovskites, roll-to-roll printable X-ray detectors on flexible substrates are also demonstrated.

X-ray detector, direct detection, dual energy detection, flexible substrate, metal halide perovskite, roll-to-roll printing
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Adv Mater
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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/L016087/1)