Translating intercultural creativities in community music: Introducing the role of interculturality in community music practice

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Burnard, PA 
Ross, V 
Hassler, L 
Murphy, L 

The term ‘intercultural’ (as in ‘intercultural creativity’) acknowledges the complexity of locations, identities, and modes of expression in a global world, and the desire to raise awareness, foster intercultural dialogue, and facilitate understanding across and between cultures. In a globalized world faced with unprecedented challenges, intercultural communication and dialogue is considered key to facilitating possibilities that, previously, might not have been available to us. In this chapter, we identify how intercultural creativity can be recognized and evaluated in the practice of community musicians. The notion of ‘translation’ is related to the interrogation, not only of what intercultural creativity is, but also how it is experienced. This chapter features the work of Netherlands-based Musicians without Borders and UK-based Music Action International, and the voice of a Malaysia-based composer working in an intercultural environment. We examine collaboration between diverse communities and musicians. The chapter concludes with implications for educating and developing the community musician.

interculturality, intercultural creativity, community music improvising and composing, singing, songwriting
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